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What We Do

Our Films in our Schools

Our Films in Our Schools is REEL CANADA’s founding program, in which we help teachers and students across Canada organize festivals of Canadian film in their schools, and integrate Canadian film into the classroom.

Welcome to Canada

Welcome to Canada expands our core film festival programme to include ESL classes and other events for new Canadians. The REEL CANADA programme has always been inclusive and reflective of the broad multicultural fabric that makes up our nation.

National Canadian Film Day

National Canadian Film Day is REEL CANADA’s annual day-long celebration of Canadian film, through screenings, events, panel discussions, and conversations (both on and offline) across the country.

Indigenous Film Programme

A selection of Indigenous-made films by filmmakers from diverse Nations across Canada including Abenaki, Anishinaabe, Cree, Dene, Gwich’in, Inuit, Métis, Mi’kmaq, Heilsuk, and Mohawk

Our Film Catalogue

Our features and short films are available as part of REEL CANADA’s Our Films in Our Schools programme. Some of these films may not be suitable for younger grade levels. Please take note of the provincial film ratings for each film and download the REEL CANADA content advisory charts. Please contact us if you wish to receive complete, detailed content advisories for all the films in our catalogue.

“Nowadays the only films that teenagers hear and/or care about are all big Hollywood films. REEL CANADA I believe is a good and effective way to show everyone that Canadian films are just as good. It’s also another way to learn about our Canadian history.”

- Grade 10 student, parents from Bangladesh.

“There’s a big inferiority complex when it comes to Canadian filmmaking and the youth of Canada. REEL CANADA allows us to see good Canadian movies which inspire pride and passion.”

- Grade 12 student, parents from China