We stand with all those calling for justice


At REEL CANADA we have always believed in the power of films to uplift and inspire, and to give voice to those who have for too long not been heard. In our work, we are committed to amplifying and uplifting those calling for justice, and raising the voices of creators who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, and all those who are marginalized. 

Words feel truly inadequate, yet it is impossible to remain silent at this moment. We are committed to working against Anti-Black racism in the work we do in communities across Canada.

If you want to hear more Black perspectives from Canada, we recommend you start by watching the powerful documentary The Skin We’re In, by Charles Officer, about activist Desmond Cole, and read Desmond’s book of the same name. The film is available on CBC Gem. Here is an article by Charles Officer speaking to this film.


For those seeking out more Black stories, here are some additional cinematic resources: