Our Films in Our Schools

Our Films in Our Schools is REEL CANADA’s founding programme. If you’re a teacher, we can help you show a Canadian film to your students or bring Canadian film into your classroom as a teaching tool.

We do this through various types of screening events and “festivals”, which are described in more detail below.

This programme is targeted toward high schools, though we do offer limited programming at the elementary and middle school level as well. Our school programmes are available in English (to Anglophone schools as well as to English-language learners through our Welcome to Canada programme) and French (to Francophone schools, as well as French language classes in English schools).


Whether you want to borrow a DVD to show to your class or would like to plan a film festival that brings your whole school population together for a day of movies, we can help. These screenings can take place at any time during the school year, and you can show films from our curated catalogue on any subject or theme of your choosing, in English or French – or both! We offer lesson plans, games, and other resources to enhance the experience. This offering is primarily designed for high schools, though a limited selection of films is also available for younger grades. Find out more about what a screening event can look like by visiting our School Festivals page.


For educators interested in bringing Indigenous-made content into the classroom, we offer a selection of films by filmmakers from diverse nations across Canada. These films reflect Indigenous experiences and provide an opportunity for dialogue, cross-cultural exchange and the promotion of greater understanding. These films can be shown as part of a regular school festival (on their own or together with other Canadian films), or through participation in our Connected Classrooms initiative, which is described in more detail on our Indigenous Film Programme page.


Every year on National Canadian Film Day, thousands of high school students across the country participate in our innovative and interactive live webcast. Schools watch a great Canadian film in advance of NCFD, then log into our live-stream to participate in a discussion with Canadian stars and filmmakers, answer questions, compete for prizes and engage in lots of other online fun. From a single class to a whole school, everyone can take part in RCtv. Participation is easy, but it works a bit differently from our other school festival offerings. To find out how you can join the fun, visit the RCtv page.


The Reel Opportunities programme, presented by REEL CANADA and Bell Media, offers online workshops that expose young people to the hundreds of career opportunities in the Canadian film industry. One-hour workshops involve an overview of career paths in Canadian film and feature a working film industry professional speaking about their own experiences in a specific area of interest. We also provide lots of online resources for young people to learn independently about the various career areas in this exciting industry.

Lesson Plans

REEL CANADA has over 500 individual lesson plans in a variety of subject areas to go with all the feature-length films in all our programmes – for high schools (English and French), ESL / ELL, elementary schools, our Indigenous Film Programme and more. Our 13-lesson Canadian Film Unit is not film-specific, and the exercises in it can be paired with any film. It’s great for English or media classes in grades 9 through 12. We also offer teacher resource kits for each film we offer, which include synopses, filmmaker bios, fun facts and more.

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