RCtv is the biggest event in our school calendar, and the best way for high school students to celebrate National Canadian Film Day (NCFD) with their peers from coast to coast to coast!

On NCFD — April 22, 2020 — thousands of students across Canada will watch a great Canadian movie and log into our live-stream to participate in discussions with Canadian stars and filmmakers, and engage in lots of other online fun.

In 2019, over 200 high schools and more than 14,000 students across Canada participated.

Please visit canfilmday.ca/rctv to learn more about RCtv.


We are delighted to announce this year’s RCtv film: The Grizzlies

Based on an inspiring true story, The Grizzlies is a powerful film about the determination and resilience of a group of Inuit youth struggling with the legacy of colonization. The Grizzlies is one of the best films of the year and a wonderful opportunity to share a timely, relevant, Indigenous-made story with your students and engage in a deep conversation about colonial structures and reconciliation.

Please visit canfilmday.ca/rctv to watch The Grizzlies trailer.

Please Note: While The Grizzlies is ultimately uplifting, it does deal in an unflinching way with suicide, and also contains violence, alcohol, and coarse language. We ask that you ensure the availability of whatever support systems your school normally provides when this kind of sensitive material is being discussed. Please review our Content Advisory (PDF) for The Grizzlies.


Wednesday, April 22, 2020


High school classes from grade 9 to 12, of any size – from a single class to a whole school.


It’s really easy, and absolutely free of charge:

  1. Register by clicking the button above.
  2. Watch the film (streaming or DVD) in the week leading up to the webcast.
  3. Log into the webcast through an internet connection and watch live (on a screen big enough for all students to see).
  4. If you can’t watch live, we will provide you with a video to screen after the event.