RBC Emerging Artists in our Schools


The RBC Emerging Artists project generously provides funding to arts and cultural organizations to support emerging artists in dance, film, music, theatre, visual arts and literature. Through this programme, RBC and their supported organizations help these artists to “bridge the gap from emerging to established” and to “provide the best opportunity to advance their career trajectory.”

REEL CANADA loves to promote Canadian film talent and is proud to be supported by RBC. Through the Our Films in Our Schools program, we reach thousands of Canadian high school students every year. Our school festivals are a perfect platform for helping emerging artists increase their profile and build a fan base among young people.

Every two years, REEL CANADA chooses three artists from diverse backgrounds who are creating exciting work in Canada. We provide mentoring opportunities with more established members of the film community and bring them to school festivals as special guests. Most significantly, though, we create short video profiles of each artist and screen these before the feature films in every school we visit. To date, our Emerging Artist profiles have been seen by more than 37,000 students across the country.

We are grateful to RBC for their leadership in this area and for their support of REEL CANADA.

2020-21 RBC Emerging Artists in Our Schools Profiles

2017-19 RBC Emerging Artists in Our Schools Profiles

2016-17 RBC Emerging Artists in Our Schools Profiles

*Since the creation of these award profiles, Fuad Ahmed has reclaimed his given name and discontinued the use of his former stage name, Gabe Grey.

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