A Festival of Canadian Film in Your School

Picture this: Your school is decorated in movie posters. Your teacher hands you movie tickets – you and your friends go into the auditorium…and you enter a film festival! A film festival in your very own school!

That’s what REEL CANADA does. We bring films by Canadian artists into schools. It’s always a day to remember. There are special guests, screenings and more.

If you want to spend a day watching great movies in school and meet filmmakers and actors, then tell your teachers to give us a call.

And check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss out on anything!

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Want to see your work published?

Let us know what you think it means to be Canadian. What’s your favourite Canadian film? Do you have a great Canadian story? Let us know! Send us your reviews, articles, thoughts, videos, animations or other multimedia. 

Each month we’ll publish something. The winner will get special REEL CANADA swag.

[email protected] & get a fest at your school

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