Connected Classrooms: Exploring Indigenous Realities Together

REEL CANADA invites you to participate in an exciting new programme designed to give your students the opportunity to explore Canadian film in collaboration with their peers in other regions of the country.

As with last year’s pilot edition, this year’s theme will be INDIGENOUS REALITIES. The programme will use works by Indigenous filmmakers to give students new perspective on Indigenous life in Canada and spark dialogue among all student participants across the country.

This programme is open to secondary teachers of any subject.

As with all REEL CANADA events, participation is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

The programme will offer an opportunity for your class to:

  • Connect in a collaborative online learning space to share ideas, concerns and research with other Canadian classrooms over an 8-week period
  • Pursue an in-depth study of issues relevant to Indigenous Peoples in Canada (including themes underlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) by viewing and responding to films from some of the most important Indigenous filmmakers in Canada
  • Address required curriculum expectations across various subjects
  • Use the study of Canadian film to develop, in accordance with Ministry of Education standards, transferable life skills such as critical thinking, innovation and creativity, collaboration, communication and citizenship

The Connected Classrooms programme runs from February 12 to April 13, 2018, and involves 10-12 classroom periods, plus the opportunity for extended engagement at each teacher’s discretion. Dates may change in accordance with school holidays.  

This online learning experience includes: 

  • Screenings of Canadian short and feature films from REEL CANADA’s Indigenous Film Programme (write today to request your copy of our programming catalogue)
  • Pre- and post-viewing activities, including opportunities to collaborate with a specific partner classroom in another region of Canada
  • A call to action for each class to create an initiative that will make a difference in their local or national community (Partner classes may choose to make this part of their collaboration)
  • Video conferences with Indigenous Canadian artists and filmmakers
  • Various tools within the online workspace that can be used to learn, collaborate and share diverse perspectives
  • Regular updates and support on programme activities from REEL CANADA’s education team

Please note: 

Connecting with others is an important part of the programme. Posting work and reflections as well as responding to those of others will enrich the learning for all. There will be places in the collaboration space to share ideas and class work through discussion threads, blogs, Twitter, galleries and video connections.

Sign-up deadline: Saturday December 23rd

Interested in learning more? Want to sign up? Contact [email protected] today!

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