Welcome to Canada expands our core school festival programme to include new Canadians and English-language learners of all ages. Since its inception in 2010, the Welcome to Canada programme has reached over 15,000 new Canadians through their English language classes.

REEL CANADA has always been inclusive and reflective of the broad multicultural fabric that makes up our nation. For many students these films represent the first time they are seeing their own experiences on screen. For New Canadians in particular, this provides a powerful validation of their own identity as Canadians, and a welcoming introduction to their new culture.

Building a sense of shared Canadian identity can help to establish a feeling of belonging in a potentially alienating new environment. With this in mind, REEL CANADA has developed a programme tailored to the needs of English language learners, which includes resources and lesson plans for ESL teachers and support for curriculum planning.

If you are an ESL teacher and would like to integrate Canadian film into your classroom please browse this list of ESL/ELL-appropriate films and check out our ESL lesson plans.

ESL Programme Highlights

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