National Canadian Film Day

National Canadian Film Day (NCFD)

NCFD is REEL CANADA’s annual one-day celebration of Canadian film, through screenings, events, panel discussions, and conversations (both on and offline) across the country. It’s about encouraging all Canadians to celebrate the incredible achievements of our nation’s filmmakers.

It’s not very Canadian of us to admit it, but we’re proud of our nation (and our cinematic accomplishments) and we want to toot our own horns a bit. Sorry (not sorry)!

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Our premier offering for high schools on NCFD is RCtv, our annual live interactive webcast. To sign up, go to the RCtv page.

If you already love Canadian film and are looking for recommendations of great Canadian films to watch on NCFD or any other day of the year, browse through our film reference guide, which includes hundreds of great movies to get you started.

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