Livestream Video Entry Opportunity

REEL CANADA’s livestream production team has a special opportunity for your students to see themselves directly on-screen during the upcoming Black History Month livestream on February 23rd. As you know, this interactive event will bring youth into dialogue with their peers as well as with the director of the film Pick, Alicia K. Harris, and host, Garvia Bailey.

While every participating student will get the chance to engage on our interactive platform, we want to give your class the additional chance to pose their questions and comments in video format! 

We’re eager to hear your students’ most thoughtful, and thought-provoking, questions and comments relating to film content, the filmmaking process, and/or the greater themes surrounding anti-racism (or any combination of those). 


There are two different kinds of videos we need: 

  1. Video comments about the first three short films (Ice Breakers, Lessons Injustice, and Snow). Which film was your favourite and why? How did the film(s) affect/change your perceptions about racism? How did the film(s) make you feel? What are your thoughts on the topics presented in the film(s)? 
  2. Video questions for Alicia K. Harris, the director of Pick. Questions that are chosen to appear during the livestream will be addressed by the director herself.


Here’s how it works:

  • We request that all video content is submitted by Wednesday, Feb. 16 to ensure that our team has time to select and incorporate videos into the livestream.
  • Once you confirm interest, you’ll receive the link to Alicia’s short film, Pick, which you’ll have access to until February 14. (please note, you must write to [email protected] to gain early access to Pick as it is not being distributed to regular livestream participants. Everyone else will view it as it’s aired during the livestream).
  • Videos can be filmed on any device – a phone or laptop camera is fine, and don’t worry too much about quality. We can use any video if the speaker is well-lit and we can hear them properly. 
  • If possible, please try to shoot in horizontal/landscape orientation, not vertical/portrait.
  • You can make the videos as a class with a student representative appearing on video for the chosen question/comment, or have your students submit to you individually with their own questions/comments.
  • Please keep the video comments and questions under 1 minute long. Note, we may edit them for timing and clarity.
  • If possible, please upload videos to our private Dropbox folder here, or send via WeTransfer, Google Drive link, etc. to [email protected] If you run into any technical difficulties, please don’t hesitate to email, or to give us a call at 1-888-508-0881 ext. 212


Student Privacy

Videos will be credited with only the city and province of the student, in order to maintain privacy.

Please note this livestream will have a wide distribution among hundreds of schools across Canada. By submitting a video, the teacher confirms that all participating students have signed media release consent forms, and that images and video of the event may be used by REEL CANADA for the RCtv broadcast and/or publicity purposes. If you need, please feel free to use REEL CANADA’s media release form.


While this additional level of engagement is completely optional (we totally understand if it’s not a commitment you’ll have time for!), we hope you’ll be interested in participating. Please feel free to get in touch with any technical or content-related questions or concerns at any point.