Whether you are a teacher at a francophone school, or a French-language teacher at an English school, we can help you put on a festival of Canadian film in French. There are many ways to bring Canadian film into your classroom.

Festivals for High Schools

REEL CANADA offers several different film festival types tailored to suit the needs of your school. In all cases, we provide advice and ongoing logistical and planning support, as well as access to our catalogues, promotional materials and, of course, the films themselves. At a select number of high schools each year, we also organize a Full Service version of our festivals, which includes additional support, resources and access to filmmakers. Click the link above to find out how you can put on your own festival, or apply for the Full Service model.

Indigenous Film Programme

For educators interested in bringing Indigenous-made content into the classroom, we offer a selection of films by filmmakers from diverse Nations across Canada. These films reflect Indigenous experiences and provide an opportunity for dialogue, cross-cultural exchange and the promotion of greater understanding.

Elementary Schools

As a special benefit exclusive to Canadian Parents for French school members, we are offering an age-appropriate list of films curated specially for younger viewers. CPF school members who teach JK to Grade 8 can write to [email protected] to access these films, as well as French-language lesson plans and support materials.

DVD Lending Library

We also encourage the use of Canadian film as a teaching tool. If you’re interested in a borrowing a DVD from our library of French-language features or shorts to show in class, write to [email protected].

Lesson Plans

REEL CANADA has individual French-language lesson plans in a variety of subject areas to go with all the French-language feature length films in our programme. We also offer lesson plans for French-language learners of various levels. Write to [email protected] to request any of our French language resources.

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