Festivals for High Schools

Organize Your Own Festival of Canadian Film

REEL CANADA can help you put on a Canadian film festival of any size or scope in your school – from a single class to a whole school. We can provide advice and ongoing logistical and planning support, as well as access to our catalogues, promotional materials and, of course, the films themselves.

Because we value live engagement, we’re often able to provide trained facilitators for our larger-scale events, who can introduce the films and lead discussions after the screenings – this will depend on the size of your event, the location of your school and other factors.

We can also provide lesson plans, games, quizzes and other resources to help you connect the screening to the curriculum, and to enhance the experience for students. Our Do-It-Yourself Festival Kit was designed to take you through all the steps required to plan your event.

If you’re interested in planning a screening, download the kit here, and contact us to discuss the options. We’re here to help.

To check out the full list of films available for high school festivals, click below.

Special Interest Films

If you are interested in organizing a special screening on another specific subject (for example, to tie in to Black History Month programming, or your school’s Environment or Social Justice-themed event), you can also browse our Special Interest list.

If you are looking for Indigenous-made films, check out our Indigenous Film Programme.

Apply for a Full Service Festival

For a select number of schools across Canada each year, we offer the “Full Service” model of our school festivals. Full Service festivals are our largest, “showpiece” events – usually for entire schools or groups of 400 or more students.

We put a lot of resources into these festivals, and they are also the most demanding on our teacher partners, because of the amount of work and planning involved. For these reasons, we can only do a very limited number each year.

For Full Service events, we can help you with everything from sourcing equipment additional equipment, to providing trained facilitators to lead discussions with students. We also always try to bring in film industry professionals or connect them to students via Skype, though this is not something we can guarantee.

If you’re interested in applying for a Full Service festival for your school, please fill out the form below. Please note that our Full Service events require at least eight weeks of lead-time for planning.

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