Educational Resources – Self-Sort

The table below lists all of our available lesson plans. Each resource is listed on its own row, where you can see a brief description of the lesson, the film title and programme it corresponds to, as well as applicable course subjects and grade levels. There’s also a hyperlink to the film’s synopsis and trailer.

The buttons in the top left corner of the table will allow you to organize and filter the data to your specifications, so you can find exactly what you need. For detailed instructions, please look below the chart.



⇵ Sort

Allows you to sort the whole list alphabetically by film (or any of the other columns)


Allows you to group entries by film title, film programme, lesson subject or grade level. You can also combine multiple fields for grouping by clicking “pick another field to group by” after selecting the first. 

For example: by selecting “Group by Grade level” and “then by Film Name” you will see a group for each grade level (or levels, for lessons that apply to multiple grades) with lessons organized by film within that.


Allows you to only see entries relevant to your specified parameters. 

For example: by selecting a filter “Where Grade Level⏷ has any of⏷ 9, 10” you will only see entries that apply to those grades. You can also combine multiple filters to further narrow down the results you wish to see. For example, lesson plans for Grade 10 History classes.


When you have decided which lesson(s) you would like to access, just email [email protected] with the subject “Educational Resources Request” and let us know! 

In your email, please be sure to include: 

  • your name 
  • school name and location
  • the grades/subjects you teach
  • a list of ID numbers for the lesson plans you would like (these numbers can be found at the far right of each row).