Black and Indigenous Realities

This year, REEL CANADA is offering a compelling way to use Canadian films to cover urgent topics such as inequality and racism in your class. By participating in our Anti-Racism Programme, you’ll get FREE access to:

  • Canadian films that will be discussed in the livestreams (see below)
  • Additional list of “Bonus Films” that can be used to extend learning
  • Lesson plans that connect films and topics to the curriculum
  • Resources on how to discuss sensitive content for teachers and students
  • Three separate opportunities to engage & discuss with filmmakers and peers: 
    • Nov 25: interactive livestream on Anti-Black racism with filmmaker Charles Officer (The Skin We’re In)
    • Dec 1: interactive livestream on Anti-Indigenous racism in Canada with filmmaker Sarain Fox (RISE)
    • April 2021: interactive livestream on the intersection of Black and Indigenous realities, discussing differences and similarities through a Canadian lens


This programme is completely modular: choose a single resource/activity, or do them all! All resources and events are suitable for remote or in-class use, for grades 9 and above. Best of all, everything is completely FREE OF CHARGE.

How Does It Work? 

Sign up: send us your email address and receive the detailed list of available resources and an explanation of how our Livestreams will work


Register: Fill out our online registration form to book your Livestream spot(s), then watch the film(s) and log in to connect with filmmakers and students


Request: Tell us what other lesson plans and resources you want to use, and we will send them your way