Black and Indigenous Realities

This year, REEL CANADA is offering a compelling way to use Canadian films to cover urgent topics such as inequality and racism with your class. The Anti-Racism Programme provides FREE access to:


  • The Anti-Racism Livestream Series
    • Black and Indigenous Realities in Canada: participate in the third installment of our filmmaker-led livestream series, to discuss the intersection of Black and Indigenous realities through a Canadian lens – happening Wednesday, April 21, 2021
    • Black Realities in Canada: a recording of the livestream addressing anti-Black racism, with filmmaker Charles Officer (The Skin We’re In)
    • Indigenous Realities in Canada: a recording of the livestream addressing anti-Indigenous racism, with filmmaker Sarain Fox (Rise)
  • Canadian films discussed in each of the three livestreams
  • A list of Bonus Films that can be borrowed to extend learning
  • Lesson plans that connect the films and themes to the curriculum
  • Resources to help teachers guide a discussion of sensitive content with students

“There was total buy-in by students! The materials were exceptional. We did some really great thinking, discussing, and writing. Amazing. Thank you!”


-Teacher at Gloucester High School,

past Anti-Racism Programme participant

This programme is completely modular: choose a single resource or activity, or do them all!

The entire programme is suitable for remote or in-class use, for Grades 9 and above.

Best of all, everything is completely FREE OF CHARGE!

The programme focuses on student engagement through an innovative, interactive platform where students share their questions and thoughts with their peers and the filmmakers before, during, and even after each livestream. 

How Does It Work? 

Register: Fill out our online registration form to sign up for the next livestream on April 21, and/or request the other resources you’d like to use


Watch: Watch the film(s) that correspond with your chosen livestream(s). Films will be provided by REEL CANADA


Engage: Join us live and take part in interactive activities such as polls, discussion questions, chat, and of course, a filmmaker Q&A!