Anti-racism Resources

Interested in learning more about racism and anti-racism in Canada? Here are some resources we’ve put together. 

Racism in Canada

How Does Racism Hurt People?

Bollman, Eric. Mind Full: The CPA Podcast. Episodes of interest:

Canadaland. “Chapter 3: Deathly low priority.” Thunder Bay Podcast (Oct. 28, 2018).

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Wu, Jade. Racism’s effects on Black mental health. Psychology Today (7 Oct. 2020).

Racism, Xenophobia & Extremism in Canada

Bollman, Eric. Violent extremism and radicalization with Dr. Ghayda Hassan. Mind Full: The CPA Podcast (7 Jan. 2021). [60 min.] 

Murray, John. Former skinhead says white supremacy is part of Canadian identity. APTN Investigates (21 Feb. 2020). (Includes 23-minute video: ‘Inside Hate: Part 1’)

Perry, Barbara. The extreme right in Canada: What it is, and what to do about it? Canadian Commission for UNESCO, Ottawa, Canada (Jun. 2021).

Anti-Racism Resources

Cargle, Rachel Elizabeth. #DoTheWork 30-day course

Experiences Canada — Anti racism resources.  

Experiences Canada — Reconciliation resources.

Government of Canada — Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat. 

Lamont, Amélie. The guide to allyship (2021).

Terry, Ruth. How to be an active bystander when you see casual racism. New York Times (Oct. 29, 2020).

United Nations — Fight racism  

University of Guelph. Anti-Black racism & allyship resources

Indigenous Realities and History in Canada
Black Realities and History in Canada
Canada the Good?: White Supremacy & Settler Colonialism

Coburn, Veldon & Shaw, Devin Zane. “The real “justice” denied to Boushie.” Policy Options (Feb 15, 2018).

Eidinger, Andrea & York-Bertram, Sarah. Imagining a better future: An introduction to teaching and learning about settler colonialism in Canada. Unwritten Histories (Feb. 20, 2018).

Henry, Annette. “Dear white people, wake up: Canada is racist.” The Conversation (Sept 6, 2017)

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MacDonald, David: “’Clearing the plains’ continues with the acquittal of Gerald Stanley.” The Conversation (Feb 11, 2018). 

Nelson, Charmaine. “The Canadian narrative about slavery is wrong.” The Walrus (Jul. 21, 2017). 

Policing in Canada: Justice for Whom?


Canadaland Podcasts. “The Police 2: The Secret History of the RCMP.Commons (Oct. 28, 2020)   

CBC Podcasts. ““The Mounties always get their land.” The Secret Life of Canada 

(Part I: Sep. 16, 2020). 

(Part II: Nov. 11, 2020). 


Cole, Desmond. “The skin I’m in: I’ve been interrogated by police more than 50 times—all because I’m Black.” Toronto Life (Apr. 21, 2015). 

Hudson, Sandy. “Defunding the police will save Black and Indigenous lives in Canada.” Huffington Post (Jun 2, 2020). 

Singh, Inayat. “2020 already a particularly deadly year for people killed in police encounters.” CBC News (July 23, 2020). 

Chartrand, Vicki. “Broken system: Why is a quarter of Canada’s prison population Indigenous?” The Conversation (Feb 18, 2018)