LES BOYS (The “Boys”)

110 mins | Classics | French Language | Sports |
Provincial Ratings
Nova Scotia14
New Brunswick14
British ColumbiaPG
Northwest TerritoriesNR

Director: Louis Saïa

Writer(s): Christian Fournier, Louis Saïa

Star(s): Rémy Girard, Marc Messier, Pierre Lebeau


This hockey comedy is a true phenomenon. Les Boys has captured the hearts of Canadian audiences with its rowdy humour, down-to-earth characterizations and appealing plots.

Stan (Girard), the very likeable tavern owner and hockey coach, allows himself to run up a huge gambling debt to Meo (Lebeau), the local Mob boss.

Meo offers Stan a deal. If his pub’s team, Les Boys, can defeat Meo’s band of thugs at a game of hockey, the tavern remains his. If not, the Mob will take over Chez Stan. Naturally, Les Boys, an out-of-shape group of hockey enthusiasts, are highly motivated to win the game. How they go about doing so is the basis of this popular comedy hit.

“Surprisingly effective French Canadian amateur hockey farce…”
— Christopher Null,

    About the Director

    Louis Saïa

    Montreal director/actor/writer Saïa is known for his trilogy Les Boys I, II and III, each of which won the Golden Reel Award for biggest box-office gross in Canada. Saïa’s TV directing credits include the French-language Vice caché, Max Inc. and the Les Boys television adaptation.

    LES BOYS (The “Boys”)LES BOYS (The “Boys”)LES BOYS (The “Boys”)
    LES BOYS (The “Boys”)

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