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    REEL CANADA: Uniting Our Nation Through Film.

    REEL CANADA is a non-profit organization that celebrates Canada through film. Canadian films are the stories we tell about ourselves – they open the door to so many conversations about place, nation, identity, and what it means to be Canadian. REEL CANADA promotes the power and diversity of Canadian film and encourages this on-going conversation through three core programs: Our Films in Our Schools, Welcome to Canada, and National Canadian Film Day. Through these programs, REEL CANADA increases audiences for our films, encourages dialogue and, most crucially, provides an opportunity to enjoy our great nation through the wonderful stories we tell. By celebrating Canadian cinematic storytelling we can build a stronger and prouder Canada.


    Our Three Core Programs

    REEL Canada’s three core programs work to unite Canadians through film and begin a larger conversation about identity and nationhood. Our three core programs are:

    Our Films in our Schools – We help teachers and students across Canada organize festivals of Canadian film in their schools, and integrate Canadian film into the classroom. Students learn about Canadian culture and explore issues surrounding identity and nationhood.

    Welcome to Canada – We introduce new Canadians to Canadian film and culture through festival events designed specifically for English language learners of all ages.

    National Canadian Film Day – We host a national day celebrating the amazing wealth, diversity and creativity of Canadian cinema. NCFD is annual one-day event that brings together Canadians across the country to watch Canadian film and learn more, through screenings, discussions, and appreciation events.


    Canadians Love Canadian Film

    We believe – and our audiences confirm – that Canadians really do enjoy watching Canadian films, even though they are often difficult to find in the commercial marketplace. We bring Canadian films directly to people of all ages. Here’s what one Adult ESL learner, from Korea, wrote about her REEL CANADA experience:

    “I think the film unite people as Canadian [sic]. We had same feeling while we were watching the movie though we all come from different countries.”

    We agree. Canadian stories truly do have the power to unite us as a nation. Watching Canadian movies is a great way to celebrate our country.


    Thirteen Years Strong

    REEL CANADA was founded in 2005 by Sharon Corder and Jack Blum, along with educational advisors and members of our national film and television industry. The goal was to introduce Canadian film to students, through screenings in high schools and associated educational resources. We started as a pilot program in six Toronto high schools.

    Eventually we expanded this program to include ESL classes and events directed at new Canadians.

    In 2014, we organized and presented the first National Canadian Film Day (NCFD), a day-long celebration of the best in Canadian film.

    Since 2005 we have held over 1,200 Screenings for over 400,000 individuals across Canada. In 2014, our inaugural NCFD event saw 70 screenings and presentations across all provinces, garnered over 100 media placements and got official recognition from the House of Commons.

    Now in our thirteenth season, REEL CANADA continues to grow. A special thanks goes out to our board and advisory committee, our sponsors, public and private, and the enthusiasm of the actors and filmmakers whose participation makes the events exciting and meaningful. Finally, a big thank you to our audiences whose excitement and sense of discovery is what drives all our work.


Executive Director: Jack Blum
Artistic Director: Sharon Corder
Festivals Manager: Jenna Hijazi
Administrative Director: Deanna Wong
Administrative & Programming Manager: Alison Zemell
Development Consultant: Dianne Schwalm
Technical Director: Mark Meeks
Creative Consultant: Katarina Gligorijevic
Production Coordinators:
Lauren Bell
Rebecca Bernstein
Melissa O’Neil
Anthony Truong Swan
Stephanie Turenko
Communications Director: Cara McCutcheon
National Canadian Film Day Project Manager: Jessica Smith
National Canadian Film Day Associate: Dani Simone
Graphics Associate: Chantal Speirs
Educational Resources Coordinator: Joshua Bertram
Educational Resources Coordinator Emeritus: Richard Park
Cultural Consultant: Duke Redbird
Atlantic Office:
Janet MacDougall-Turner
Jonathan McKay
British Columbia Office: Brie Koniczek
Manitoba Office: Terri Cherniack
Quebec Office:
Valerie McLeod
Wendy Singer
Programming Consultants:
Marc Glassman – programmer emeritus
Andrew Butko – associate
Publishing Consultant: BlueAppleWorks
Creative, Graphic Design, Website: Agency 71 Inc.
Video Editor: Jack Feore

Denise Bolduc with artistic director Sharon Corder and executive director Jack Blum.

REEL CANADA artistic director Sharon Corder, actor Vinay Virmani, executive director Jack Blum, and board member Atom Egoyan.

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